A Timeline of Teenager Dental Milestones

teenage smileOral Health for Teens

It’s not easy being a teen. Academic stress and friendships can cause a roller coaster of emotions. Constant bombardment by social media models and YouTube stars can cause self-esteem to take a nosedive. And let’s not forget the potent mix of hormones brewing! But the teenage years are also a time when many life-long habits begin to develop, so bad oral hygiene can set teenagers up for a lifetime of serious oral health problems.

According to the American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA), teenagers face unique challenges that younger children often do not. Teenagers commonly struggle with orthodontics, contact sports, and unhealthy diets loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. Other teenage issues include eating disorders, smoking, and oral piercings. Many older teens also experience wisdom teeth issues as the last of their permanent teeth come in. While some conditions are obvious, others can be more challenging to detect and can seriously compromise oral health.

At Harkins, Hancock and Johnston, we have experience working with patients of all ages, especially teenagers. We’ve had many teens start seeing us and continue coming to us well into adulthood. And trust us, it’s not because of our free toothbrushes! Make an appointment today so we can help give your teen the gift of a healthy, beautiful smile.

Important Dental Milestones for Teens

Teen Timeline

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