Digital X-rays


We were the first office in West Texas to offer digital x-rays.  What does this mean?  We are able to perform x-rays with less radiation than conventional x-rays.  Also, we can enlarge the image on a screen to better educate our patients.




This cavity detecting laser allows us to detect and treat cavities long before they permanently damage teeth.  This creates far less discomfort and pain for our patients.


Intra Oral Camera


The Intra Oral Camera provides our patients an innovative way of viewing their teeth on a television screen.  This enables us to show the patient what areas in the mouth are needing to receive extra attention.




Televisions in each operatory for our patients provide with entertainment as well as a personal view of the Intra Oral Camera and Digital X-ray systems.




iCat is a Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging System that allows for more predictable orthodontic, TMJ, and Dental Implant treatment.




The laser helps us treat periodontal disease without extensive surgery. The laser can eliminate periodontal disease by sterilizing the diseased area with no stitches or bleeding.

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