FAQ’s About General and Cosmetic Dentistry

General Questions

Hancock & Johnston is an out of network provider for all insurance companies. If you have dental insurance, schedule an appointment for an exam. We offer a complimentary benefit check when you come in for your first visit. We would be happy to file the insurance for you, that way you’ll know what your insurance covers before you incur any charges.

For patients that recently moved to Lubbock or have changed from a previous dentist, you can request your patient oral health history. We are able to receive records via email or fax, but will be unable to make the request on your behalf due to HIPPA laws.

A comprehensive exam includes: perio charting and probing depths, full mouth x-rays, scan and complete exam by the doctor. If patients have not seen a dentist in years, we begin with a comprehensive exam.

Yes, we do offer custom mouth guards for student athletes and adults. We also sell retainers to prevent teeth grinding at night or to maintain teeth position.

For each option, we start with a digital scan of your mouth, which creates an exact model of your teeth and jaw position.

Yes, we have experience in treatment of traumatic dental injuries such as accidental tooth loss and even multiple teeth repair. We also offer single visit root canal services for convenience and impacted tooth removal.

However, we do not provide same day or after hour appointments and walk-ins are not accepted.

For patients nervous about going to the dentist or concerned about pain, we provide nitrous oxide and moderate IV sedation upon request.

Our practice does utilize lasers for several treatments and procedures including: laser assisted periodontal therapy and teeth whitening. Learn more on our blog.

Our practice provides SDF treatment for tooth decay as an alternative for pediatric patients. SDF is a non-invasive solution for cavities, that is fast, affordable and pain free.

Tooth decay and cavities are common in young children due to a variety of factors: few visits to the dentist, sugary foods and drinks, poor brushing and flossing habits. Children can benefit from SDF treatment which eliminates the need for sedation and is suitable for non-permanent teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Questions

As a cosmetic dentist, we specialize in transforming smiles! Patients are able to obtain a comprehensive smile evaluation. Whether you are preparing for high school prom, graduation or a wedding, we can create a 6 month to 1 year treatment plan for improving your smile.

We also offer enamel shaping and veneers for a smile that stuns!

Our team uses ultrasonic tools and power scalers for a deep clean. We are also experienced in treating patients with gum disease and provide teeth scaling/root planing and periodontal treatments.

We also offer teeth polishing and bleaching for a whiter smile.

At Hancock and Johnston Dentistry, we offer a variety of orthodontic solutions for children and adults.

From two phase orthodontia including palatal expander/arch expansions to thumb appliances or crib appliances. We are also an Invisalign provider, ideal for adults that require braces. Our orthodontist services are comprehensive and are focused on creating a beautiful smile!

For many years, Hancock and Johnston has relied on composite (resin) fillings for bonding instead of amalgam, better known as silver or mercury fillings. In 2020, the FDA ruled that several groups of patients should avoid metal fillings that contain mercury. According to the FDA, “Dental amalgam-related mercury vapor release may be highest during placement or removal of the filling”. For the health of patients and staff, we do not install or remove mercury fillings.